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Green-Safari works in partnership with Wildlife Works - an established wildlife conservation organisation also based near Tsavo East, Kenya.

Offset Emissions with REDD+
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation

When you purchase REDD+ offsets from Wildlife Works, you are purchasing Verified Emission Reductions that preserve threatened forests, protect endangered wildlife, and uplift forest communities.

When you place your order of REDD+ offsets/VERs, the offsets will be retired on your behalf. You will receive a certificate and a record of the VER serial numbers that were retired. If you have any questions, please Wildlife Works at

Furthermore, traveling with Green-Safari raises funds for a small reforestation project adjacent to the Buffalo Camp, Tsavo East Kenya. Every tree planted counts.

Welcome to Green Safari

If you’re looking for a unique safari experience which gives something back, look no further!

We believe that good business can be good for the environment and a route out of poverty. By applying principles of sustainable tourism and using our experience of participatory community development – a holiday with us leaves you with a lot more than spectacular pictures. 

Stay in a four star safari camp on the shores of one of the largest rivers in Kenya, at the edges of Tsavo East National Park, with a choice of volunteering projects in wildlife conservation, reforestation and community enterprise development.

Doing good should cost less...with Green-Safari packages start at only £599 for two weeks!

About Us

We offer responsible safaris in protected natural areas, conserving the environment and supporting community based organisations.

Green-Safari bridges the gap between comfort and conscientious travel. It’s simple: we ensure you have fun, relax and volunteer with host communities to have an all round good experience. We all have skills to share and the time to make a difference.

Join us on a Green-Safari and make a difference!

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Green-Safari is a social enterprise based in the UK. We reinvest our profits in reforestation and community based organisations. We measure our success on the impact we have on communities and the environment, rather than our profit margin.



Safari in Swahili means Journey...

Green-Safari means a journey with added value!

You can contribute directly to wildlife conservation as well as go on safari in Tsavo East National Park. We have an extensive network of local partners, specialising in wildlife protection (KWS), reforestation (KEFRI), wildlife conservation (Galana Wildlife Conservancy), and community based organisations (Chakama Women's Group).

Together we offer volunteering projects to those who want to go the extra mile and leave a positive imprint on the Kenyan Savannah. Voluntourists have a lasting impact on the community and the environment in a positive way.


Staying in the wild for too long can be tiring so you will have plenty of time to relax in Malindi. For travellers seeking a peaceful and relaxing tropical idyll far from the madding crowd, this is an ideal destination. The north Kenyan coast is dotted with small resort towns, along strips of white sandy beaches, surrounded by expanses of tropical forests, ancient historical sites and a fascinating local culture.

The small town of Malindi is at the centre of this strip of tranquil tropical beaches offering the visitor a range of world class resorts and quiet relaxing hideaways. Further south, the sleepy village of Watamu is fronted by wide white beaches. The beaches in both Malindi and Watamu are protected by a natural barrier reef making snorkelling in the protected Marine Parks rich in tropical fish and turtles - oh yes and it keeps the sharks away from the shore!


On a Green-Safari you are guaranteed an authentic safari with time to relax by the Kenyan coast, as well as time to share your skills and energy in locally run projects. Volunteering is planned into the day to day of a Green-Safari.

Our priority is to ensure volunteering with Green-Safari is accessible to people of all abilities and has a lasting impact on the local communities and environment!

Choose to stay from as little as ten days or as long as two months. We have partnered with local experts in reforestation, wildlife conservation and local community organisations - to ensure that whatever your interest there is plenty of choice to go green and feel good.

Have a look at the related pages below for details about our ongoing projects!

We offer bespoke packages for students and researchers looking for a safe and comfortable place to carry-out their fieldwork. Our aim is to form partnerships with research institutes to bridge the gap between innovation in research and applicable solutions to pressing conservation and environmental sustainability concerns in Tsavo, Kenya. 


How it works

We offer short stay packages for under two weeks which involve volunteering in different projects and a briefing session by the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS). The key features are:

  • Safari in Tsavo East National Park
  • Tree planting, making fairtrade products, building an elephant graveyard
  • Four days by the sea - with time for snorkeling in the marine park, water sports, exploring local markets and dining in world class restaurants. 

For those with more time to spare we offer a three weeks package. This allows more time to really get stuck in the volunteering projects, as well as having a whole week to soak up the sun by the coast. 


We offer bespoke packages for researchers, students and academics interested in studying in Tsavo East Kenya. Please have a look at the related pages below for more information.

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