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Green-Safari works in partnership with Wildlife Works - an established wildlife conservation organisation also based near Tsavo East, Kenya.

Offset Emissions with REDD+
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation

When you purchase REDD+ offsets from Wildlife Works, you are purchasing Verified Emission Reductions that preserve threatened forests, protect endangered wildlife, and uplift forest communities.

When you place your order of REDD+ offsets/VERs, the offsets will be retired on your behalf. You will receive a certificate and a record of the VER serial numbers that were retired. If you have any questions, please Wildlife Works at

Furthermore, traveling with Green-Safari raises funds for a small reforestation project adjacent to the Buffalo Camp, Tsavo East Kenya. Every tree planted counts.

Merkato: trade parity

Merkato, MKTO LogoIntroducing Merkato

MKTO designs, makes and sells ethical travel and fashion accessories. MKTO is currently developing a range of boutique accessories to showcase the abilities of our small-scale producers in partnership with design graduates at Nottingham Trent University. Our production process makes a direct contribution to sustainable development in low-income communities and with minimal environmental impact.

Who's behind the brand?

MKTO is led by two sisters who come from opposite worlds of work - one form the world of finance with experience in venture capitalism and hedge funds - the other from the public sector, social enterprise and community engagement. However, what they have in common is their heritage bridging Kenya, Ethiopia and Italy. Both have a passion for the arts - using their finance skills in the film industry in Kenya and their community engagement skills for collaborate product design and cultural exchange.


We believe in the power of trade parity as a tool for self sufficiency and resilience.

A growing number of people look for quality and durability when shopping for fashion products in general. However, The main barriers for more ethical consumers are price and the veracity of labelling. MKTO products break those barriers through collaborative production - connecting designers directly with the manufacturers or table-top producers.

It was a natural progression for Green-Safari  to expand and create a brand for ethical products. Together the we ensure designers and customers can meet the makers directly and not only go on holidays of a lifetime but also learn about the craftsmanship and artistic heritage of the communities they visit! 

Where can you find MKTO products?

Soon you will be able to buy products online - all are made using natural organic fabrics and fibers or recycled and upcyled materials.

Check out the new website and if you're luck you will find our products in independent boutiques and creative pop-up shops near you. Currently MKTO is at the Creative Quarter Pop-up Shop, 10 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham.

At the moment the sisal baskets - made by the Chakama Updendo Women's group in Kenya - have nearly sold out. Not to preparation of our Ethiopia-Kenya Treking and Volunteering package launching in 2014...we are also selling hand woven cotton scarves and bed throws.

Our "Conservation Enterprise" model ensures communities are offered viable and sustainable alternative livelihoods to the lucrative businesses of selling charcoal and bush meat.

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