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Green-Safari works in partnership with Wildlife Works - an established wildlife conservation organisation also based near Tsavo East, Kenya.

Offset Emissions with REDD+
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation

When you purchase REDD+ offsets from Wildlife Works, you are purchasing Verified Emission Reductions that preserve threatened forests, protect endangered wildlife, and uplift forest communities.

When you place your order of REDD+ offsets/VERs, the offsets will be retired on your behalf. You will receive a certificate and a record of the VER serial numbers that were retired. If you have any questions, please Wildlife Works at

Furthermore, traveling with Green-Safari raises funds for a small reforestation project adjacent to the Buffalo Camp, Tsavo East Kenya. Every tree planted counts.


Welcome to our blog! This is where we tell our stories and you can also share your Green-Safari adventures. Happy reading.

Dot-to-Dot Festival Nottingham

11th September 2012
We are very excited about our first public appearance. Feels like planning my first high school ball! Anyway - apologies for transgressing - yes GREEN-SAFARI.COM will be at the Nottingham Dot-to-Dot festival on the 3rd of June 2012. We will selling ...

Introducing the Tsaka Information Centre

16th June 2012
  TSAKA means 'wild bush' in Giryama - the local dialect in the Coastal region of Kenya. We have chosen this beautiful word for the non-profit organisation that will be overseeing and coordinating the 'eco' element of tourism...