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Green-Safari works in partnership with Wildlife Works - an established wildlife conservation organisation also based near Tsavo East, Kenya.

Offset Emissions with REDD+
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation

When you purchase REDD+ offsets from Wildlife Works, you are purchasing Verified Emission Reductions that preserve threatened forests, protect endangered wildlife, and uplift forest communities.

When you place your order of REDD+ offsets/VERs, the offsets will be retired on your behalf. You will receive a certificate and a record of the VER serial numbers that were retired. If you have any questions, please Wildlife Works at

Furthermore, traveling with Green-Safari raises funds for a small reforestation project adjacent to the Buffalo Camp, Tsavo East Kenya. Every tree planted counts.


We have established a Conservation Partnership with key local experts to maintain a sustainable approach to solving the many challenges in this part of Kenya. We aim to promote solutions to wildlife conservation led by the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) and the Galana Wildlife Conservancy.

We feel it is equally important to support local communities to establish livelihoods using natural resources sustainably in harmony with the wildlife around them.

The Tsaka Foundation was set up for this purpose. Adjacent to Tsavo Buffalo Camp, facing the main road to the entrance of the National Park, you can find the Tsaka Information Centre (Tsaka in Giriama means the wild). This Centre provides information on park rules, wildlife conservation, volunteering projects and sells local products all with the goal of encouraging more responsible tourism whilst on safari. 

Massai Samuel at the entrance of the Galana Wildlife Conservancy

The Galana Wildlife Conservancy

By the end of 2012 the Conservancy aims to build an Elephant Graveyard for all the elephant remains collected in the area. The area used to be divided between the Galana Ranch and the Kulalu Ranch. When hunting was legal this is where hundreds of game hunters would come to shoot wild animals. Gratefully this is now history! The Conservancy has been established to protect wild animals and their habitat. The Senior Warden is in need of volunteers to help build a memorial to remind all visitors of the important job park Wardens and Ranges do in protecting rare animals and their habitat.